This is not your typical review. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ve been using this sleeping bag since 2011 and, like all my gear, I’ve formed a slight emotional attachment to it.

I guess it’s partially the memories that come flooding back to me every time I pull it out… Flashes of the beautiful places I’ve carried it to, the perfect night skies I’ve looked up at while cocooned in it, and the lessons learned that time I used it a little too close to winter in Victoria’s alpine region.

I bought my Down Hugger at a time when I was suffering chronic back problems, so my primary concern was keeping my backpack weight and bulk down as much as possible. I didn’t know all that much about sleeping bags, so I went for the lightest one (in my price range) with the most positive online reviews. I did well, too. It packs down to about the size of a one litre water bottle, and only weights 595 grams.

It’s rated down to -1°C for comfort, but it feels warmer in use (although I am a hot sleeper). Considering the weight that’s pretty good, and this is probably due to the “super spiral” stitching. I’ll leave out the long and complicated explanation, but what it does is allow the bag to be more elastic-y and also to hug you more tightly as you shift and roll around during the night. This eliminates large air pockets in the bag, helping you keep warm. Obviously, the 650 fill down also contributes greatly.

That’s not to mention how comfortable it is. I’ve always been a terrible sleeper and I absolutely hate feeling confined in any way, which makes most sleeping bags pretty sucky to sleep in. The shape of this one might make you think it’d be even worse but, au contraire, it’s delightfully comfortable.

I’ve spent countless nights in this sleeping bag over the last three (and a bit) years and, looking at it right now, I can’t see any real signs of wear and tear. I can’t wait to sleep in it again (but not until the weather starts warming up a bit).


The Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 is available online, directly from Montbell.


If there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to know, or if you’ve got anything at all to say about the Mont Bell Super Spiral Down Hugger #3, please do so in the comments section below.