Date of Walk: 25/01/2009
Length (km): Unknown (I’m fairly sure there was a sign at the carpark saying the length but I can’t remember what it said… My estimate would be 600 metres return)
Time (hrs/min): 30 min
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Return
Region: North-East Victoria
Park: Alpine National Park
Closest Town: Cheshunt
Ascent: Unknown
Maximum Height: Unknown
Map: None Available (I wasn’t able to find one via Parks Victoria or DSE and copyright prevents me from providing any others – However, a map is not necessary as it will be easy to follow the track with my notes or the Northern Walks map I’ve mentioned below)
Further Details / Source(s): ParkWeb Park Note: Alpine National Park – Valleys and Bluffs – Car tours and walks around Wabonga Plateau, Mt Cobbler and Powers Lookout
Getting There: Download the Park Note above and the use the map to find Paradise Falls via Whitfield or Cheshunt.


Comments: We were very disapointed to see that the falls were barely flowing, having been sure that there would be something after the big storm two days earlier. Although we could hear the water falling, I was unable to see it without binoculars! I last visited this spot in my teens and remember it being amazing so I’m sure it’s still worth a visit after rain. Even without the water this is a very nice spot.


The track used to continue right to the falls and even underneath them but it now stops at a lookout, some distance from the falls. This wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.


This is another one to do for the destination rather than the walk (sorry about the photos – they don’t really reflect how nice the place is!). It was a bit of a challenge after the big night we’d had before but it’s only worth doing if you’re in the area.


Paradise Falls Walk - Alpine National Park - Victoria

Part of the track


Paradise Falls Walk - Alpine National Park - Victoria

Best photo I could get of the falls (trickles?)


Have you visited Paradise Falls? If you have any stories, updates or corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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