Date of Walk: 05/01/2009
Length (km): 2.1 km
Time (hrs/min): 20 min
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Partial Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Birrarung Park
Closest Town: Bulleen
Ascent: 9 m (according to
Maximum Height: 24 m (according to
Map: Highlighted extract from ParkWeb Park Note (Birrarrung Park – Visitor Guide)
Further Details / Source(s): ParkWeb Park Note: Birrarrung Park – Visitor Guide

Getting There: Access is from Templestowe Road, Bulleen (Melways Ref: 32 H4)

Comments: Again, this isn’t a very bushy place but still a nice walk that is close to the city. The land was once used for cattle grazing, horse agistment and seed farming and is still a very long way from being restored. Thistles are everywhere so be careful if going off track (that’s not to mention the snake danger that signs in the park warn of).

The wetland near the beginning/end of the walk was empty but it’s obviously not always this way (if you have a look on Google Earth it appears very full).

There was an abundance of birds in the park but the only other animal life I saw was a rabbit (cute but not a good thing of course).

Melbourne Park Walk: Birrarrung Park - Bulleen - Victoria

The (dry) wetland