Date of Walk: 05/01/2009
Length (km): 3 km (according to
Time (hrs/min): 1 hour
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Partial Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Sweeneys Flats
Closest Town: Eltham
Ascent: 19 m (according to
Maximum Height: 35 m (according to
Map: Simple home-made map
Further Details / Source(s): Bobs Australian Bushwalking Journal (blog) & ParkWeb Park Note: Sweeneys Flats

Getting There: Access is from Sweeneys Lane, Eltham (Melways Ref: 22 C11)

Comments: The walk starts near the dirt car park at the end of Sweeneys Lane. If you look at my map above you wont have any trouble finding the start. Follow the track all the way to the carpark at Griffith Park. Return to the river via a track on the other side of the carpark and return to your car. There is a short detour (shown on my map) which can be followed either at the beginning or end of your walk.

I wasn’t lucky enough to see a blue tongued lizard (as Bob Padula did on his visit) but that’s probably due to the river being so busy with swimmers. There were some very cute ducks and lots of other birdlife however.

Melbourne Park Walk: Sweeneys Flats to Griffith Park - Eltham - Victoria

Sweeneys Flats Track
Melbourne Park Walk: Sweeneys Flats to Griffith Park - Eltham - VictoriaYarra River from Sweeneys Flats Track