We all know how much Aussies love to travel but, increasingly, they’re choosing adventurous travel destinations over the relaxing beach holidays that have traditionally been the go-to.

After many Australians were couped up inside for so much of 2020 and 2021, it’s no surprise that they feel they’ve done enough sitting around and now want to get out and explore the world in the most soul-energising way possible. The COVID-19 pandemic put a dampener on everyone’s spirits, but now that we’re starting to experience freedom again, that adventurous spirit has come back with a vengeance.

Before the pandemic, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) numbers reported that 11 million residents travelled back to Australia from a year-long or so trip in 2019 alone.

Of course, the post-pandemic numbers would look much different – but a few temporary regulations don’t (and shouldn’t) stop you from adding some of the countries on this list to your travel plans.

Here are some top adventure travel destinations that Aussies might want to add to their bucket list – both within and outside the country.


Mount Batur - Bali (Indonesia)
According to the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, a quarter of the visitors to Bali alone are Australians. So it’s not a surprise that this destination made it so far up on our list. The flight is short, the beaches are blissful, and the resorts are pocket friendly. What a lot of Aussies aren’t aware of is the massive range of adventure activities – from Bali’s volcano treks like Mount Batur to the more accessible Waterbom Bali water park, and even further afield to Mount Rinjani trekking in Lombok.

Most of all, Indonesia usually remains open to Australian travellers if you follow COVID-19 screening requirements as enlisted on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia

12 Apostles - Great Ocean Road - Victoria - Australia
For the few readers of The Bushwalking Blog who aren’t already well aware, this nine-hour, 220-kilometre drive is located on Australia’s south-eastern coast, only 90 minutes away from Melbourne. Falling between the Victorian cities of Warrnambool and Torquay, the Great Ocean Road offers breathtaking views of the blue-green south-eastern waters, the famous Twelve Apostles sandstone rock formations, and the stunning limestone cliffs of Port Campbell National Park.

If you’re going to choose this place as your travel spot, then we’d recommend clearing up at least three days from your schedule to fully enjoy the gorgeous view that the road has to offer.

Again, while many people have historically appreciated the Great Ocean Road for its beaches, car touring and sightseeing, and food and wine, the most spectacular hidden places can only be explored by those with a bit more of an adventurous spirit. The world-class Great Ocean Walk is perhaps the best-known adventure attraction, but there’s also a veritable smorgasbord of short walks to explore along the Great Ocean Road or even more exciting activities like e-biking or even skydiving.


Hiking in Japan

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the past ten years have seen more than a 200% rise in Australian visitors to Japan.

Japan is a beautiful travel destination if you’re looking to explore culture-rich metropolises. You’ll find ancient temples, Shinto shrines, kimonos, sushi and Sakura trees, and unique traditions in the mix.

Adventurous travellers will already know Japan well for its ski fields, but the lesser-known multi-day hiking trails are a must-see.

It can also be up to 50% cheaper than Australia2 – particularly for hotel rooms – so we know precisely why it’s been climbing up the Australian’s travel lists so fast. It isn’t called the Land of the Rising Sun for no reason.

If you’re travelling to Japan, we’d recommend narrowing down the areas that you’ll be visiting to 2 or 3, depending on your budget. Plan thoroughly – you don’t want to get too excited and miss seeing all the good spots because you weren’t prepared.

The Profusion, Western Australia

Western Australia

Okay, so “The Profusion” obviously isn’t the destination. It refers to the best time to visit one of Australia’s most beautiful regions for adventuring through wild places. Every summer, from July to October, Western Australia is covered in one of the most magnificent, can’t-miss-it displays that nature has to offer. Flowers bloom everywhere, turning the entire region into a patchwork of infinite colours and patterns.

Some of the local favs include crimson myrtles, the smokebush, the mountain bells, and orchids. More than 150 different orchids are blooming during this season in Western Australia.

To see the Profusion on full display, plan your route along the following areas:

  • Lesueur National Park
  • Margaret River
  • Karijini National Park

For an even fuller experience of the area, utilize Western Australia’s extensive network of camping areas, and take on as many bushwalks and other outdoor adventures while you’re there.

The Profusion is one of the 34 areas globally that the WWF has listed as ecologically significant. More than half of the species found in these hotspots are not found anywhere else in the world – and for that reason alone, a trip to Western Australia should find itself a nice spot in your travel diary very soon.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one spot to travel to – one that offers nature with a modern twist, diverse cuisine and culture, and rapidly changing architecture – then Singapore is the place for you.

Singapore is thought to be one of the cleanest and safest countries to travel to. Although it’s a small country – the size of only a city it’s super-rich in culture, food, and Instagram-worthy spots. It’s a definite yes for anyone only just about to dip their toes into travelling.

If you want to travel and live your best life, but aren’t sure how you’re going to finance it, then you’re in luck. Credit24 offers small loans up to $10,000 that could help fund your wanderlust dreams.

Singapore is the odd one out on this list because it is definitely not known for its outdoor adventures, but you’ll be surprised at the natural spaces that this tiny country and its surrounding islands offer. Strap on your hiking boots and check out the country’s best hiking trails, including the extremely interesting multi-day Serapong Trail.


If the last two years has shown us anything, it’s that life’s too short. Get out there and explore the natural world around you while you have the chance.

Where do you have on your post-COVID bucket list? Got any questions, comments, updates or corrections? Let us know by commenting below.