One of my long-held dreams is coming true, it would seem. I’m going to be co-author of a hiking guide book. As in, a real book… One that will be on shelves in bookshops and stuff.

I’m excited beyond words, which (as I’ve said before) is a bit of a worry for someone who calls himself a writer (ssshhhhhh… don’t tell the publishing company). I obviously can’t wait to get started, so sometime in the next month I’ll be heading down to the Great Ocean Road for an epic camping trip – the goal being to HIKE ALL THE THINGS.


Hike all the things!
Image stolen from the incredible Hyperbole and a Half, and altered by me. Thanks Allie Brosh!


You might be wondering how this happened (hell, I’m kind of scratching my head too)… So back in February 2012 I got an e-mail from the lovely Julie Mundy, who writes a blog called Walks Melbourne and, at the time, had just released a book called Melbourne’s Best Bush, Bay & City Walks. She asked me if I wanted to review the book and, naturally, I agreed.

My jealousy must have come across quite well during our e-mail discussions, because it wasn’t too long after that blog post that Julie suggested the idea of co-writing one of the next books together. I was absolutely stoked, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. These things tend to fall through when you get yourself all excited. Then, a few weeks ago, I had an e-mail from Julie to ask if I was still keen. I said yes and now here I am, ready and raring to go.

The book is aimed at the tourist market, so the walks aren’t going to be huge day-hikes or overnighters. It will cover some of the most beautiful spots along the Great Ocean Road though, and would also be suited to people with young children or those who aren’t all hardcore about their hiking.

At this stage it looks like being on shelves by Christmas 2014, but I plan to write up a few of the hikes for Bushwalking Blog. Most of them haven’t been covered here already, so stay tuned for some new additions.


So, what are your favourite short hikes on the Great Ocean Road? Is there anywhere that you think I absolutely shouldn’t miss. Let me know in the comments section below.


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