Last Visited: 24/05/2009
Length (km): approx. 3.3 km (according to
Time (hrs/min): 1 hour
Grade: Easy
Return / Circuit / One-Way / Partial Circuit: Circuit
Region: Melbourne
Park: Warrandyte State Park
Closest Town: Warrandyte (3 km)
Maximum Elevation: approx. 85 m (according to
Total Ascent: approx. 55 m (according to
Car Access: Access is via Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road. Turn north onto Pound Road and follow this until you come to a gate, where there will be a sign for the Pound Bend Picnic Ground (Melways Ref: 23 A11).
Nearby: Mount Lofty is one of the most popular places for a Warrandyte walk. Jumping Creek Nature Trail, Black Flat and the Warrandyte Gold Heritage Walk are also worth a look. In the warmer months, you might even want to consider a kayaking tour on the nearby Yarra River.


There should be two parking spots just inside the gate on the left. Park here and head back towards the gate to where there is a “Walking Track” sign. Follow this track down the hill, and you will find yourself above the opening of Pound Bend Tunnel. There is a track through a gate to the left which heads down to the south side of the tunnel (this appeared to be on private property so I didn’t venture this way but I noticed later that it’s marked as a walking track on the map). Head down the hill to the right to get a good view of the tunnel.

Pound Bend Tunnel was created in 1870 as a way to divert the river in order to assist the mining activities of Evelyn Tunnel Gold Mining Company. This obviously wasn’t a great success as the company was liquidated 12 months later.

Pound Bend Circuit - Warrandyte State Park - Warrandyte - Victoria
The Yarra River


From the tunnel, follow the track through the small gate and continue along the river. The track is nice, but it does border the picnic ground and some sections of private property so it’s not completely surrounded by bushland. There are a few small unofficial tracks along the way which offer nice views of the river.

Pound Bend Circuit - Warrandyte State Park - Warrandyte - Victoria
Part of the circuit


When you come to a fence, there will be another small gate just to the right leading south across a paddock. Head through the paddock and cross the road at the other side where there will be another “Walking Track” sign pointing to the left. Follow this track around onto a management vehicle track. Follow this up the only real hill on the walk, heading through some nice bushland and eventually back to the car.

This is a really tranquil spot with lots of interesting birdlife (including heaps of kookaburra!). It would even be worth a look just to check out the tunnel.

NOTE: If the car parks inside the gate are taken, you could park in the main car park and head straight for the walking track along the river, following the rest of the circuit from there.

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